Referral Groups

How does it work?

1. Build your Prospect List


Using the MRN App & Linkedin, you’ll have the info you need to target specific decision makers at your specific prospect companies. Don’t get it? No, worries, we’ll train ya.

2. Learn our Referral Process


Referrals don’t happen very often by chance. We’ll train you on how to find and meet your prospects through our Strategic Referral Process. In short, you’ll spend time having 1on1 referral meetings with other members to get their help with your target prospects.

3. Develop Referral Partners


The real value is in the relationships and the power they bring to your business. MRN members develop Strategic Referral Partnerships with local, non-competing manufacturing suppliers.


Who is MRN for?

MFG suppliers only.


Metals | Equipment | Tooling | Components | Plastics | Supplies | Software | Automation | Material Handling | Packaging | Electronics | Mechanical | Power Transmission | Chemicals | Lube & Oil | Compressed Air

Job Shops

Metal Fabrication | Thermoforming | Stamping | Plastic Fabrication | Assembly | Control Panels | Special Machinery | Coatings | Electrical | Inspection | Machining | PCBA | Rapid Prototyping

Engineering & Consulting

Design Engineering | Quality System | Process Improvement | System Integration | Product Development | Tooling Design | Automation | Electrical Design | Control Design

Service Suppliers

Materials Recycling | Maintenance & Repair | Facility Services | Staffing & Labor | Logistics

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Too reliant on a big customer?

Pipeline empty?

Having trouble getting in the door?

Still selling on price?

I have been a member of a Factur referral group for 10 months, and this has been a great resource for my business. In 2015, I spent a sizeable amount of money on direct mailers and on-line listings with a major advertising company, with virtually no results. This was very disappointing for me. I decided to change my approach for 2016 and joined Factur. In just a few months, I have gained several new customers for my machine shop and have made sales that I would not have otherwise made. The sales from these new connections resulted in approximately 70% of my total sales for the last half of the year. I plan to continue my relationship with Factur and look forward to future opportunities that come from this networking experience.

- Gary

Machine Shop Owner

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Build profitable relationships

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